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The Saint-Hubert airport soundscape advisory committee was created in accordance with the agreement reached in 2015 and approved by the Superior Court of Québec. The committee’s mission is to promote the exchange of information and provide a forum for discussion and consultation on any issue affecting the soundscape, and more particularly, on acoustic criteria and noise mitigation procedures aimed at improving the soundscape at the airport.

The Committee is made up of the following members:

– The General Manager of the Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport
– A representative of the City of Longueuil
– A representative of the flight schools
– A representative of the air carriers using the Airport facilities
– A representative of the citizens living near the airport

Concrete actions

YHU gives particular attention to noise generated by aircraft. It has implemented various measures as part of a continuous improvement process to mitigate noise pollution and contribute to the quality of life of citizens living near the airport.

YHU has also taken concrete steps to mitigate aircraft noise, such as installing silencers on almost all the airplanes the flight schools use, establishing strict rules governing touch-and-go landings during the summer months, implementing a preferential runway system that favours aircraft departures and arrivals over fields rather than residential areas, and designating an area away from residences for noisy maintenance manoeuvres such as ground run-ups.

To join the discussion regarding YHU’s soundscape